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Adhesive additives

An adhesive additive “Dorintekh” is an innovative product that provides a high adhesion degree of viscous and liquid bitumen with stone materials, which have highly acidic properties in the process of manufacturing asphalt concrete and bitumen-mineral mixtures.

The “Dorintekh” additives introduction in bitumen the in the process of bitumen asphalt mixes production allows:

• to increase the adhesion of liquid and viscous bitumen with mineral materials of different
• to increase a roadway surfacing working life by means of waterproofing of bitumen
• to prevent a road carpet desintegration, leading to the formation  of corrugation;
• to reduce the bitumen flow to 10%;
• to reduce the tendency to cracks formation over the working life of the road carpet;
• to slow down a coupling agent solidification in case of a bitumen “aging” over a period of

It is recommended for the bitumen modification of bitumen manufacturing and storage bases before shipment to customers, as well as for an adhesion  eightening of polymer asphalt. The maximum effect from the additive introduction is achieved with vigorous stirring with the bitumen thorough mixing not less than 3 hours at a temperature of 140-180О C. Thus as a result of chemical interaction between the additive components of hot bitumen, modifying properties with subsequent stabilization and preservation occur for a few days.
The additives introduction into the heated bitumen up to 170-190O C in the process of the polymer asphalt manufacturing drives up chemical interaction of a polymer with the bitumen components.

The “Dorintekh” additive outer appearance is a viscous liquid of light brown to dark brown colour.
The product is practically insoluble in water; soluble in alcohol, kerosene; density at 40 ° C is (900-950) kg / m 3. The product is low-volatile, non-explosive.
As per a hazard class, the product is a low-toxic substance of the 4th hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76.
The LLC “Giprokhim” Plant” ensures consistent quality of its products and its full compliance with technical standards.