Bactericides produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM are intended to suppress the activity of sulfate-reducing
bacteria (SRB), causing an oilfield equipment microbiologically-influenced corrosion for the
bacterial treatment of well-killing fluid, to prevent bacterial decomposition of drilling fluids organic
components, as well as carrying out a set of oil recovery improvement measures.

Principal characteristics of the reagents produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM

Physical form liquid from light yellow to dark
brown colour
Pour point of reagents, ° C, not exceeding -40
Density at 20 ° C, kg / m³, within 0,900-1000
Effective dosage, g / m3 10-300
Temperature of product storage, ° С, not exceeding 50

A dosing rate, frequency and treatment effectiveness will depend on the degree of
contamination of oil field waters by sulfate-reducing and other types of bacteria, the reagent contact
time with the bacteria, the composition of the oil field water.
This series of bactericides:
- is effective against planktonic and adhesive forms of SRB;
- has inhibitory properties for oilfield equipment protection against corrosion;
- is soluble in fresh u soluble in fresh and mineralized water;
- acts to enhance oil recovery;
- is effective in neutralizing hydrogen sulfide and methyl-, ethylmercaptans in the commercial
crude oil, gas condensate, in oil gathering and processing systems, transport pipelines;
- can be used for periodic and continuous injection.
Inhibitors of the produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM can be used:
- in a formation pressure maintenance system;
- in gathering and water treatment systems;
- in development wells (a casing string-borehole annulus treatment);
- as a drilling mud fluid stabilizing element.
Recommended a product storage and transportation in plastic and metal tanks.