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Demulsification agents

Series produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM demulsifiers are high-performance reagents, resolving wide range of oil
trade emulsions destruction problems in the process of commercial crude oil preparation.

They are
intended for use in oil collecting systems and initial water separation systems (IWSU), a commercial crude oil treatment plants (CCOTP), as well as a crude oil preparation on electrical oil
dehydrators and desalinating plants (EODDP) and mechanical impurities decontamination.
The demulsification agents, produced by the LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM, can be conveniently divided by a functional relation of the treatable structures physicochemical properties into the
following groups:
- for light and waxy crude oils;
- for middle oils;
- heavy naphtenic crude oils;
- for drip and sump structures.

Physical and chemical properties

Physical form liquid from light yellow to dark brown colour
Pour point of reagents,°C, not exceeding from – 20 to - 50
Density at 20°C, kg / m³, within 910-980
Toxicity level hazard class IV (according to GOST 12.1.007)

Recommended dosage of the demulsification agents are determined depending on the oilwater emulsion physical and chemical properties, content and composition of salts contained in
The demulsification agents produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM main advantages:
• low water and salts content in the treated oil;
• prevention of intermediate layers formation;
• phase interface clear boundary;
• high quality of wastewater;
• pressure drop in oil gathering systems at low temperatures ofwellbore fluids;
• high rate of water dumping.