Polymeric additives for an asphaltic bitumen modifying.

A road bitumen polymer-modifier “Giprobit” is a high-tech product that improves the  properties of the bitumen by combining them with elastic additives. Introduction of this polymer asphalt (PA) gives large thermal stability to bitumen (up to 100° C), flexibility, increases resistance to cyclic oscillating loads, expands plastic range, improves a tensile strength.

Adhesive additives

An adhesive additive “Dorintekh” is an innovative product that provides a high adhesion degree of viscous and liquid bitumen with stone materials, which have highly acidic properties in the process of manufacturing asphalt concrete and bitumen-mineral mixtures.

Surface-active agents (SAA)

Surface-active agents produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM are aimed to solve a whole number of reservoir engineering problems and uniform drainage of oil and gas accumulations. The reagents don’t  effect on corrosion wear of downhole equipment and plant equipment.


Bactericides produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM are intended to suppress the activity of sulfate-reducing
bacteria (SRB), causing an oilfield equipment microbiologically-influenced corrosion for the
bacterial treatment of well-killing fluid, to prevent bacterial decomposition of drilling fluids organic
components, as well as carrying out a set of oil recovery improvement measures.

Hydrate inhibitors.

Hydrate inhibitors of produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM series are intended both for prevention hydrates deposits in processing equipment and for elimination of hydrate blocks in equipment, pipelines etc.