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Hydrate inhibitors.

Hydrate inhibitors of produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM series are intended both for prevention hydrates deposits in processing equipment and for elimination of hydrate blocks in equipment, pipelines etc.

The reagents don’t effect on corrosion wear of downhole equipment and plant equipment. They contribute to gas and gas condensate treatment process on complex gas treatment plant or petroleum refinery, don’t make foam and emulsion in liquid phase. Principal characteristics of the reagents produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM:

Physical form liquid from transparent to yellow colour
Density at 20⁰C, kg/m³, within 0,790 – 0,820
Solidification temperature, ⁰C, not exceeding - 30
Effective dosage, g per 1000 m³ 10-30

Effective dosage of produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM depend on indicators of moisture content, individually for each production unit staying in the range of hydrates formation:
- well bore;
- pipelines;
- production units on complex gas treatment plant (freezing units: low temperature separation unit with throttling (Joule-Thomson) effect or monoblock turbo expanding assembly, ammonia or propane refrigerating unit).

Inhibitors produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM series completely meet with oil&gas industry requirements and
work on several directions:
• exert influence on gas-liquid flow, preventing hydrate lattice gathering on a pipe walls and equipment units because of accumulation of hydrate lattice on inhibitor flobulas;
• has antiagglomerate influence on generated gydrates with stable and dense structure located within the pipeline. Because of prompt and qualitative hydrate deposits elimination

Produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM allows to save time and funds when it comes about hydrate counteraction.
Using of hydrate inhibitors of produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM ensures trouble-free and uninterrupted operation of equipment and considerably reduces expenditures for methanol use which requires high safety precautions and liable to special requlations.