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Salting inhibitors

The wide range of salting inhibitors produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM allows to choose reagents for certain unique requests of a customer.
This series of inhibitors is designed to protect the down hole and surface oil-field equipment from calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sulphides and iron oxides,

barium sulfate depositions. Inhibitors have high antiscale activity in heat transfer apparatus of oil thermochemical dehydration and desalting, as well as heat and power systems, industrial cooling systems and in water purification systems.


Outer appearance Liquid of light yellow colour
Hydrogen ion exponent, рН 5,5 -10
Solidification temperature, °С -30 - 55
Density at 20°С 970-1080 g / cm3
Viscosity/density ratio at 20°С 3 - 8,7 mm2 /s
Viscosity/density ratio at –30°С 280 mm2 / s
The corrosion rate of steel grade St 3 at 20° C - no more than 0.04 mm / year

The inhibitors specific consumption rate depends on mineralizing of environ and is equal to 10-70 g per ton of produced tailwind water. At the same time, these products have low corrosivity, preventing corrosive wear of the metering, borehole and heat exchange equipment.
Products of this series are not combustible, not explosive. Hazard Class 3 (moderately hazardous). Storage is provided in the covered warehouses, under a shelter or in a storage area in a transport container. With regard to the use, transportation and storage of the product specific requirements for the environment protection are not demanded. Recycling is not required.