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Polymeric additives for an asphaltic bitumen modifying.

A road bitumen polymer-modifier “Giprobit” is a high-tech product that improves the  properties of the bitumen by combining them with elastic additives. Introduction of this polymer asphalt (PA) gives large thermal stability to bitumen (up to 100° C), flexibility, increases resistance to cyclic oscillating loads, expands plastic range, improves a tensile strength.

Through the PA usage an average service life of road surfaces is 10-15 years, while the exploitation of areas without the use of these technologies is limited to 5-6 years. The running cost of such roads is 20-30% lower than that constructed without the PA usage.
The “Giprobit” additive is specially designed for the bitumen modification and an asphaltconcrete mix preparation, and is compatible with a wide range of bitumen grades.

After the “Giprobit” bitumen additives long-duration test it has been established and validated in independent testing facilities ,that it has a positive impact on an asphalt binder and improves the road performance, namely:

  •  Prevents cracking;
  •  Eliminates wheel track rutting;
  •  Increases resistance to aging.

The bitumen properties improving are occurring by the PA adding in an amount of 5-12% of the bitumen weight. The additive optimum concentration is selected in the laboratory with regard to the nature and properties of original minerals and binding materials.
The additives introduction is produced to the bitumen, heated to a temperature of 190 - 200°C with equal amounts of it for 5-7 minutes.
Stirring is carried out mechanically for 1 hour with agitation speed of 200-300 rpm.

Control of complete and uniform additive distribution is carried out by applying a thin film of the derived mixture on a glass surface. In the absence of mechanical inclusions on such a film (grains, crumbs), the mix preparation process is considered to be completed.
At the moment the polymer-modifying additive “Giprobit” has no analogues on such indicators as high efficiency, flexible pricing and economic expediency of application.

The LLC “Giprokhim” Plant” ensures a compliance of produced PA to technical requirements of GOST R 52056-20 2003, which corresponds to the world standards for modified bitumen for the road construction.