Hydrate inhibitors.

Hydrate inhibitors of produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM series are intended both for prevention hydrates deposits in processing equipment and for elimination of hydrate blocks in equipment, pipelines etc.

Salting inhibitors

The wide range of salting inhibitors produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM allows to choose reagents for certain unique requests of a customer.
This series of inhibitors is designed to protect the down hole and surface oil-field equipment from calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, sulphides and iron oxides,

Сorrosion inhibitors (Н₂S)

 The corrosion inhibitor produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM

The corrosion inhibitor produced by LTD ZAVOD GIPROKHIM is designed for gas and gas condensate fields conditions with a high content of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). Physical and chemical as well as technological properties of the given inhibitor provide protection against general corrosion and specific types of corrosion